The Personal Pages of Zak Ali

About Me and this Site

I'm Zak Ali, you may  have gathered this from the site name and domain name. 

This is my personal site  

Where I hope share my experiences working in my day job as a technologist in the IT industry and from my interest in all other things, I have a lot.

How it all started 

Playing with electronics as a hobby when I was 11 years old, my Dad bought me a breadboard (like this one BB400 Solderless Plug-in BreadBoard, 400 tie-points, 4 power rails, 3.3 x 2.2 x 0.3in (84 x 55 x 9mm))and I bought a copy of  Adventures with Electronics by Tom Duncan (over 30 years ago) after which moving to personal computers my first ever was a Sinclair ZX81, I was hooked.

  Sinclair ZX81 image from

Why am I doing this

Primarily learning to communicate my experience, thoughts and ideas on the web. I realize that I pick up useful information which may in turn be useful to others. Social media outlets are great for sharing information, however due to the realtime flow of information it's lost very quickly.  I've also assumed (and you know what they say about that word!) people know as much as I do about specific subjects, my assumption was based on the folks I interact with regularly, more technologists. I certainly don't profess to know everything and I hope to learn more from feedback I hope receive. 

Am I just a nerd

I guess so, but over the years I have an artistic release in Photography. I do care more about the images I create rather than the gear I have, and at one time just as all photographers think, it was the other way around.  

I don't want to confuse folks with photography on this site and have another site which shows my photos and information about that subject.